Juki DLN-5410N-7 industrial sewing machine head - $700 (LaCrescent)

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Juki DLN-5410N-7 industrial sewing machine head for sale. HEAD....head only, no motor or table.
It would seem people don't part with these machines very often. If you do a search, there are none on ebay now, nor are there any in completed ebay sales, however far that goes back. Also it's in nice condition, its just dirty from storage.

This is one of the very last of 100 industrial machines I bought from a local factory. They were in service being used, all in proper working order, and simply taken out of service and stored on a mezzanine when they no longer made what these machines were used for. They wanted to use the space for something else and sold them to me.

They had 3 phase motors and I didn't save any of those, and the tables are gone, so its being sold just the head. It still has all the factory computer features on it, in case someone DOES want them. But please be aware that like I said they were industrial 3 phase, and so I don't know if they will work on household current.

I've just taken that stuff off these that I've sold, its really easy and straightforward, and made them just a simple mechanical machine.
And, by using the right servo motor they can easily be set up to stop in the needle up or needle down position, which can be a handy feature.

Tables are fairly plentiful and nearly all use the same size opening for the head, so I'm sure you can find one easily enough.
If you're reading this you may have one already.

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