Premium bred red angus heifers - $2,800 (arcadia, WI)

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### Premium Purebred Red Angus Heifers for Sale!

Are you looking to enhance your herd with top-tier genetics and outstanding temperament? Look no further! Our purebred Red Angus heifers are the epitome of quality and value, bred and raised with care to ensure they meet the highest standards.

**Why Our Heifers Are Worth Every Penny:**

1. **Purebred Excellence**: These heifers are purebred Red Angus, known for their superior meat quality, fertility, and maternal instincts. Investing in purebred Red Angus ensures you're getting the best in the breed.

2. **Exceptional Temperament**: Our heifers are worked with daily, making them incredibly easy to handle. Their calm and friendly disposition makes managing them a breeze, whether you're a seasoned rancher or new to cattle raising.

3. **Bred for Success**: Each heifer is bred to a calving ease registered bull, ensuring smooth and trouble-free calving. This careful selection not only protects the health of your heifers but also guarantees strong and healthy calves, setting up your herd for future success.

4. **Training and Handling**: These heifers are trained to respect and thrive within an electric fence setup. This training ensures they are well-behaved and easy to manage, reducing the time and effort needed for daily handling.

5. **Moderate-Framed and Fancy**: Our Red Angus heifers are moderate-framed, striking the perfect balance between size and efficiency. They boast a fancy, eye-catching appearance that will undoubtedly add a touch of class and quality to your herd.

Investing in our premium purebred Red Angus heifers means investing in the future of your ranch. Their exceptional genetics, temperament, and training make them worth the premium price, offering you unparalleled quality and peace of mind.

**Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your herd with the best Red Angus genetics available. Contact us today to learn more and secure your premium heifers!**

**Contact Information:**
- Tad Rebhahn

Your herd deserves the best – and our purebred Red Angus heifers are just that. Secure your future with premium quality today!
### Current Market Prices for Top Tier Red Angus Bred Heifers

The market for premium Red Angus bred heifers is currently very strong, with prices reflecting high demand for quality genetics and well-handled livestock. Here are some key points regarding current market prices:

1. **Average Prices**: Top-tier Red Angus bred heifers are averaging around $4,693 each in recent sale.
2. **High-End Prices**: Exceptional heifers, particularly those with superior genetics and traits, have been selling for as much as $10,500 each
3. **Market Trend**: The market for these heifers remains hot, with consistent increases in prices driven by the demand for high-quality, easy-calving, and well-tempered livestock.

### Market Outlook

The outlook for premium bred heifers remains positive. With increasing emphasis on genetics, temperament, and efficient handling, prices are expected to remain strong. Investing in high-quality Red Angus heifers now can yield significant returns as the market continues to value these attributes.

By securing your purebred Red Angus heifers today, you can benefit from these favorable market conditions and enhance the quality of your herd.

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