Dwarf Goats - $100 (Cashton)

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4327 County Highway H

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After ten years of building up and enjoying our Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd (milk, 4H fair shows) we have decided to focus solely on our full-sized goats. Our NDGs are fed organic hay and grazed around our organic farm. On the milk stand they are fed organic oats, alfalfa pellets, and black oil sunflower seeds. They have free-choice organic mineral, are periodically given herbs, garlic, our own homemade apple cider vinegar, and black walnuts in the water. Handled by big and small people. Used to livestock guardians dogs, cats, chickens. Near pigs, cows, rabbits, pea fowl and guineas. Cashton, Wisconsin.

Listed below are the goats:
- Brothers, Teddy and Bear born March 2nd, just weaned. Disbudded, not registered, still intact. Can be wethered. Bear is tricolored and very flashy, with blue eyes and wattles. Teddy is a nice buckskin with blue eyes. $125 for your pick, or $200 for the pair. [CURRENTLY RESERVED]
- Athena, first time mom to Teddy and Bear. Currently in milk and being hand milked on the stand. Tricolored with blue eyes. Disbudded, not registered. $300
- Ann, second freshening. Excellent mom, had triplets both times. Registered, has brown eyes. $350
Very cute white and brown doeling off of Ann, has lots of spots, brown eyes, and wattles. Buckskin girl, brown eyes has wattle. Born April 11th, 2024. $225 for your pick, or $400 for the pair.
- Jane, registered, second freshening, currently in milk. Very nice milk stand manners. Born March 19, 2021. Shown in 4H, at our county fair. $350.
- Flower, registered, currently in milk. Nice milkstand manners. Extremely mama oriented. She will take anyones babies and nurse them. Born April 2, 2020. Shown in 4H at our county fair. $350.
- Artemis, cute and small, one of triplets. Pet quality. Due to her size, we have chosen not breed her. Sweet personality. $100.
- Buttercup, we are drying her off, so she will be open. Has had triplets or twins each year. Very nice manners on the milk stand. Registered, brown eyes. Born March 9, 2017. $350.

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