No-Spray, Per-Bushel Winter Desert/Fresh Eating Apples - $35 (Saint Charles)

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No-spray winter desert (i.e fresh eating) apples for sale from Mueske Family Orchard. Looking to have delicious apples to savor all winter? These varieties will last you until February, March, or April if refrigerated. The apples are no-spray, meaning they have not had pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, or thinners applied to them. However, because they are no-spray, they are also not perfect; although we do our best to box the best quality apples possible, some could still have minimal cosmetic imperfections such as apple scab and fly-spot. Prices and varieties are listed below. Customers can pick up their apple orders from our orchard in Saint Charles, MN. A minimum order of one bushel is required. The ability of our orchard to provide these orders is, of course, dependent on the weather (hail, wind, drought, ect.), apple diseases, and insect damage. Nonetheless, we will keep you updated on the status of your order, and payment, in cash, is not due until pick-up day at our orchard.

Varieties available include:

Red Regent, $35.00 per bushel (a bushel is 36-40 lbs.).
Enterprise, $35.00 per bushel (a bushel is 36-40 lbs).
Keepsake, $40.00 per bushel (a bushel if 36-40 lbs)

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Descriptions of apples can be found below:

Red Regent (picture 1): Bred at the University of Minnesota School of Horticulture as a cross between Daniels Red Duchess and Red Delicious, the Red Regent is a large, solid, bulbous apple with lots of juice and a good deal of taste. Spritely and subacidic, its flavor is mildy fruity, and the apple retains its shape when cooked, which it is particularly well-suited for. It is also good for fresh eating and, cosmetics-wise, comes in two strains: solid red and streaked. The Red Regent ripens in early October and keeps until February in the proper conditions (34-38 degrees F.). A good apple if you're looking for something that will last. Ripens Oct. 5th-10th

Enterprise (picture 2)
Produced by Purdue University (Illinois) and released in 1994, the Enterprise is another new apple in a batch of disease resistent apples to be released in the last thirty years (parent, along with Honey Crisp, of the Cosmic Crisp). Tough and chewy, the Enterprise is very crisp, juicy, and flavorful. Holding a spicy, sprightly, tart taste, it is a wonderful treat for fresh eating and its flavor only improves after a few months in storage. Besides a great eating apple, its full flavor, juiciness, and long storage life also make it a particularly good choice for cooking purposes and drying. The Enterprise ripens in early to late October and can keep until April in cold storage (34 degrees F.)

Keepsake (picture 3):
Although almost unknown outside of Minnesota and rarely grown by commercial growers, the Keepsake, with its hard, crisp flesh and juicy, sweet, nutty, flowery taste, proves a wonderful apple for both eating and baking. A cross between a Malinda and Northern Spy, and parent of the Honey Crisp, the Keepsake holds a rustic old-time appearance with its fine-grained flesh and tarnished red color. As the name suggests, Keepsake is a magnificent keeper, lasting up to eight months in storage (until around April or May)
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